Thursday, April 19, 2012

CHANGES. "LOST AT SEA" EP. Summer 2012.

CD's and Cassettes coming summer 2012 on Grand Architect of the Universe Records.
Vinyl release info to follow.

Stream EP for free now @ Blow the Scene

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

CHANGES. Spring/Summer 2012.

It's been some time since we updated the blog. We were well overdue so here are the current happenings.

Last show we played was Dec 17th 2011 w/ Full Speed Ahead, Wet Witch, Bible Thumper, Secret Lives, Altered Boys and Wound Up.

We recorded 4 songs for a new EP this past January with Steve Di Maggio. We will be releasing it online for free at the end of May.

We have a few new people in the band and are currently writing new songs for an upcoming LP. More info will be announced soon.
Much love, respect and thanks to Tyler, Dusty and Jon for making music with us for the previous year or so. We played a bunch of fun shows and shared good times. All these guys will be making music in the near future so keep an eye out.

Moving forward...
We will be playing a good amount of shows this summer in the North East.

Currently we have 3 tracks streaming for preview from our upcoming EP "Lost at Sea"

Also our previous releases can be downloaded for free.
Changes/Old Wounds 2011 Split EP
Changes "Demonstration" EP (2010 Demo)

For those who like physical copies we still have copies left of our first 2 releases.
Small quantities. Get them now if you want them here:

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

CHANGES. Dec 2011.

We have been working on new songs for an upcoming TBA release for Spring 2012. We have played a few of the these songs now in the set-so if you have seen us recently-you have got a preview of the new material. In the upcoming months we will continue writing and playing.

We have 2 shows for NJ this month. Both are bangers! Come out/Get loose!

Dec 9th 2011. All info on flier.

DEC 17TH 2011
BRICK, NJ 0872

Friday, October 28, 2011

Changes. Live @ Warren American Legion.

Last weekend we played a show in Warren NJ w/ Sky Came Falling. Incendiary. Torchbearer. Less Life and Bible Thumper.

This is some footage of us playing HIGH IN CULT.
There are more videos of our entire set as well as the other bands that played that night. Follow the scent... Thanks to Pat/RTF for hooking up the show. All the bands and everyone who came out. Thanks to whomever filmed this as well. He has a whole page of great videos-you should give it look. Enjoy.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October 2011. Show and New Songs.

We took a little break from playing live the past month to nail down 3 new songs we have been working on. We demo'd the music for the 3 songs this past weekend and we are very pleased with the results. More info on our upcoming release featuring these songs in the near future.

We are playing this Sunday in Warren, NJ. We will be playing one of these new songs at the show. Hope you dig! Dig!? See you on Sunday.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Shows for Sept/October 2011.

9.16 @ Ask a Punk. New Brunswick NJ w/ Bible Thumper. Kicking Spit. Meteor Sinkhole and Weather Underground. 6pm. $5.

9.17 @ The BML. Brick NJ w/ Reign Supreme. Knuckle Up. The Ominous order of the Filthy Mongrels and more. 6pm. $10.

10.23 @ Warren American Legion. Warren NJ w/ Sky Came Falling. Incendiary. Torchbearer. Less Life and Bible Thumper. 5pm. $10.

Here are some pics Dave Death took at our show a few weeks ago @ The BML.